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This Ramadan The First 6 Months on Us

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This Ramadan

The First 6 Months on Us

6 years warranty or 200,000 KM whichever comes first

2 years of free service on all SUV models

Terms and Conditions:

•    This installment payment offer applies to all MG 2020 car models
•    This offer is valid through Taajeer Leasing company.
•    This offer is valid until the end of June 2020.
•    The maintenance offer is valid for two years only and applies to all SUV cars.
•    The warranty offer is valid for 6 years or 20,000 KM whichever comes first for all MG car models, except the MG T60 pickup truck.
•    The duration of the MG T60 pickup truck warranty is 3 years or until 150,000 km is reached, whichever comes first.
•    There could be some variations between available models and those that appear in this advertisement.
•    Installments waved under this offer cannot be availed in their monetary value.
•    It is necessary to commit to making the purchase in accordance with the conditions of this offer in order for the customer to be exempted from paying installments in the first six months.
•    In case the customer decides to return the vehicle after 6 months upon purchasing the car, he/she will have to pay the amount of the 6 months that has been waved.

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